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Michael Kors Bags are every girl must suck mostly accessories, both practical and can decorate the overall mix, is an indispensable fashion dress style one. And what that 2013 new bag it!Color mosaic flower decoration hand bag, shoulder bag, compact flowers covered the entire bag body, filled with the breath of spring, blossom feel, spring yet. So delicate pastoral style of the bag, of course, to defeat a friends. Exquisite mini bag, hit the color design is the most popular style this year, oh, eye-catching pieces of red and blue phase, creating visual impact, coupled with a large flower decoration, more sweet feeling.
Dazzling gold color chain shoulder strap wearing elegant white bag is not only full of fashion breath, but also let feminine perfect upgrade, plus no good shape, so where would you go very eye-catching. Retro models combine popular decorative design, this bag personality type, very easy to be able to make their own fashion taste distribute impressive, high-end texture is also very popular. Whether cute bow decoration, or elegant and noble feathers, purple shoulder bag will make a woman distributing tenderness and charming light, these two bags very worthy choice, both stylish and practical bucket bag,Michael Kors Handbags must 2013 will be losing one single product, no use of dark colors will highlight the personality, coupled with rivets and metal decor, avant-garde and have a type.
Dual banana yellow bag, is this year's most popular package type, but also Korean Fan children full of it. Shoulin shoulders back, three-dimensional sense. Bright colors with fascinating atmosphere, back in the body is absolutely eye-catching. Othello plate Lingge hand bag, is not very three-dimensional sense of it? Checkerboard texture is Ma Ying-jeou's creation, this really is a pandemic yet. From clothes to bags, all kinds of accessories, classic black and white color checkerboard thought necessary sweeping the world! The red hand bag, canvas and leather stitching design, full texture. The main thing is hand-decorated with delicate fine lines, so this bag more stylish, light blue dual shoulder hand carry bag, retro style, classic unbeaten. On this package should be designed by the girl's favorite, simple and elegant, practical joker. Alternative style you like to personalize? This nail decoration bags, Fun punk style,bags design delicate-looking, wild black texture! Deep pink chain decorated bags, three-dimensional flower embellishment, intricate design, metal buckle design, more sense of extravagance.Michael Kors Outlet online can get a lot of fashion style and lower price!
Saying the trend this fall bag, punk rock, commander of the streets. So, the performance of the three major elements of this style is the rivets, zippers and tassels. The last time we talked rivets, zippers and tassels talk today.
If you use three types of men to describe rivets, zippers and tassels, then the rivet is tall and strong, muscular prominent bald men; zipper is young and handsome, tall thin sunlight male; tassels Well - last night, just read the "fast woman ", tassels is Ho Kyung bar. Like the zipper a little tomboy tomboy girl more or less complex. Zipper masculine beauty, is lightweight and neat, no rivets more violent and heavy, and therefore easier to manage. Alexander Wang's rivet design (Coco bag) surprise, zipper decent shot of creative work, is my great love. Sticky Brenda bag, round shape square inner tube like no rules, soft and tough like leather, rub through many, like the shiny metal chain shoulder strap tassel - what is really random, what a lazy, what's sexy. Brenda light will collapse in the shoulder, the natural birth awkward awkward attitude, male or female, who can resist?